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Sulfur Removal
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By HWD Technologies

Are you searching for pure tasting water without that rotten egg smell?

Have you tried reverse osmosis, endless water treatment and filter systems attempting purification of your well water?

We have the solution Guaranteed To Remove Sulfur From Your Well System!

Rid your home of the stinky sulfur water smell with the original Sulfur Removal System.

Many have spent $2000 on equipment that doesn't do the job that this simple device has proven to do by many professional well drillers and water specialist who have recommended and installed this unit.

Here’s How The Original Sulfur Removal System Works...

Our Sulfur Removal unit sprays water from the storage tank back into the well casing through a patented special nozzle. This aerates the water to release the sulfur gas, and vents it out of the system at the well, leaving great tasting water. It requires no filters or chemicals, and is maintenance free for years!

To date - we have not had one customer request removal of their system!

We boast 100% customer satisfaction

Units come with complete installation instruction for 2” wells, 3” wells, and 4” or larger wells.

If you have any trouble, just call us at 800-650-2590.

*Please note: This unit CANNOT be used on a 2” Packer Jet system

Takes minutes to install!

Having trouble?  

Call our 800 number for support.

No Bleach. No Chemicals. No Filters.

Cost $1,000’s less than
other solutions on the market.

Working Successfully in 43 States for nearly 2 decades...

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Odor-Free Well Water Is This Easy!

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